Prima Apear - Primacider


Prima Apear

is our way of expressing the union of apple and
pears in a cider. Traditionally apples and pears were grown
in the same orchard and combined to create an apple pear
cider. In our Apear cider we blend select heirloom apples
with fresh pears to create a light and refreshing summertime
cider. Whether cask or bottle conditioned, Apear has a hint
of delicate carbonation that brings out the flavors of the
fermented apple pear blend.

A careful blending of apples and pears sourced from a select few local orchards using over 20 different heirloom apple and pear varieties, seasonally varying
Clean fermented with gluten-free cider yeast preserving the fresh fruit character
of the cider
Cold cellar aged for up to 6 months, bottle or cast conditioned with a hint of natural carbonation.
Unfiltered and naturally clarified.

Dry, full bodied with a complex finish that is not about the barrel but rather apple and pears!

Available on Tap or Large Format Bottles