Craft Still Cider



Most ciders are traditionally drunk “still”

that is without carbonation. Prima Still is a reflection of that tradition and our effort to capture that. Cider before prohibition was the drink of choice, affordable, lower in alcohol, easy to drink and thirst quenching. It was a farmer’s best friend after a long day working in the fields. Traditionally specialty old variety cider apples were pressed late in fall, fermented in large barrels then aged in underground cellars. The cool constant temperature allowed the cider to develop into a dry full bodied cider consumed throughout the year.

Today we follow that same process in order to provide you the perspective of a traditional cider.

Prima Still is:

All about the apples! We source our apples direct from a select few Midwest orchardists: 20 different heirloom apple varieties, seasonally varying. 
Clean fermented with gluten free cider yeast that preserves the fresh fruit character of the cider with minimal intervention letting the apple tell the story. 
Months of long cold cellar aging, unfiltered and naturally clarified by racking.

Dry, full bodied cider with a complex finish

Available on Tap or Large Format Bottles