Prima Brut Craft Cider



Crafted  “Method Champenoise” style

Our hand crafted Champagne cider, Prima Brut, is twice fermented using the champagne method, bottle fermented and cold cellar-aged 18 months or more. Over time it develops complex flavors, and wonderful natural small bubbles that linger in your glass after opening. Very crisp and bubbly with a mouthwatering full body and a hint of citric flavors on the finish. Definitely a food cider which pairs well with a variety of fine land and sea food.

We source our apples direct from a select few Midwest orchardists with over 20 different heirloom apple varieties, seasonally varying. 
Clean fermented with minimal intervention in the cider making process letting the apple tell the story. 
Months of long cold cellar aging in tanks then bottle aged for up to year and a half.

Then carefully riddled, disgorged and again rested for at least 2 months before release

Prima Brut is made in strict accordance with the “Method Champenoise” and exhibits a fuller body and complexity that is typically found in French Champagne.

Available in Large Format Bottles