Prima Most Craft Cider



Most is the German word for cider

After a long day working in the fields, cider proved to be a farmer’s best friend. It was affordable, thirst quenching, and the perfect end to a hard day’s work. Specialty old variety cider apples were pressed in late fall, fermented in barrels, and then aged in underground cellars. The cool constant temperature allowed the cider to develop into a dry full bodied cider consumed throughout the year.

Prima Most is:

a farmhouse style cider best served straight from the barrel, or tap, but it’s also great straight out of the bottle. It has a light golden straw color and soft natural carbonation. The mild aromas on the nose suggest a spicy apple butter and creamy nougat flavor. It has dryish light-to-medium body and an apple and citric twist to finish it off. This is an every day cider which pairs well with a wide variety of foods.

It’s all about the apples! We source our apples direct from Midwest orchardists with over 20 different heirloom apple varieties, seasonally varying. 
Clean fermented with minimal intervention to preserve the fresh fruit character of the cider. 
Cold cellar aged for up to 6 months, bottle or cast conditioned with a hint of natural carbonation. 
Unfiltered and naturally clarified.

Dry, full bodied, and a complex taste which allows the true apple taste to be experienced.

Available on Tap or Large Format Bottles