Cider making has been in our family going back almost 100 years to the tip of Southern Germany, where Switzerland and France meet, the town of Rottweil. It was simply called “Most”. It was easy to drink, affordable, quenched a working man’s thirst and was a farmer’s best friend when working the fields. Specialty hard cider apples were pressed in late fall, fermented in large 600 liter wood barrels then aged in underground cellars where the cool constant temperature allowed the cider to develop into a dry full bodied cider that was consumed throughout the year. It’s the same method Prima Cider uses today in making our craft cider.

Prima Cider began making craft cider first for our own pleasure and tastes and then for friends and family. Over thirty years we have refined the process, found out which American apples work best for craft cider and which ones don’t. It does make a difference! We’ve seen over the years an increasing appreciation and growing demand for specialty hard to find ciders, dry in taste with noticeable acidity, ciders that have no resemblance to the candy sweet soda pop variety ciders commonly found and still dominant in today’s market.

Prima Cider is made from finest, hard to find, heirloom apple varieties. Using apples varieties such as Golden Russets, Ashmead’s Kernal, Brambley’s Seedling, Calville Blanc D’Hiver, Arkansas Black and Winesap that have the tannins, acidity and aromatic flavors which is essential to making a high quality cider. Prima Most is cold cellar aged, best served straight from the barrel, or tap but also in bottles. Our Champagne cider, Prima Brut is twice fermented using the champagne method, bottle fermented and cold cellar aged 12 months or more. Over time it develops complex flavors, wonderfully small bubbles that linger for hours after opening. It is best consumed at special occasions or with fine food. Prima Cider believes these products demonstrate that fine cider making is possible in America and trust you will think likewise.