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Producers   of   Local   Craft   Cider   in   Chicago


Prima Cider is a producer of craft cider in the Chicago area. We have been fermenting and bottling our craft ciders in Illinois since 1981 and only use the finest, and rare heirloom apple varieties available in the Midwest. We use apples such as Golden Russets, Ashmead’s Kernal, Brambley’s Seedling, Calville Blanc D’Hiver, Arkansas Black and Winesap that have the tannins, acidity and aromatic flavors which are essential in crafting the highest quality cider. Prima Cider has spent over 30 years developing and refining our unique hand crafted cider making methods which has helped us craft some of the highest quality local ciders available today.

Prima Most , is cold cellar-aged, bottle or cask conditioned and unfiltered to capture the natural goodness of a farmhouse cider.  It’s best served straight from the barrel, or tap, but it’s also great straight out of the bottle. It has a light golden straw color and soft natural carbonation. The mild aromas on the nose suggest a spicy apple butter and creamy nougat flavor. It has dryish light-to-medium body and an apple and citric twist to finish it off. This is an every day cider which pairs well with a wide variety of foods.

Our hand crafted Champagne cider, Prima Brut, is twice fermented using the champagne method, bottle fermented and cold cellar-aged 12 months or more. Over time it develops complex flavors, and wonderful natural small bubbles that linger in your glass after opening. Very crisp and bubbly with a mouthwatering medium body and a hint of citric flavors on the finish. Definitely a food cider which pairs well with a variety of fine land and sea food.

We at Prima Cider believe these crisp and refreshing ciders are the highest quality you will find and demonstrate that fine craft cider making is possible in America and we know you will agree.

Prima Cider